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14 Apr '19

Another pair of twins take centre stage at The Pyjama House

Posted by The Pyjama House

Having recently taken delivery of our new stock for the year, we organised the usual photo shoot and yet again I found myself borrowing a set of twins to help us with the modelling!  So I thought I would do a retrospective blog about the various twins we have used to model pyjamas @thepyjamahouse over the years. 

This year's twins were only 6 and they had great fun modelling our children's pyjamas.  As you can see from the picture below, Dexter couldn't quite be persuaded to kiss Amelie although she was very keen!

Childrens pyjamas

Last year we used Harry and Rosie, then aged 13, to model our Teenage PJ Bottoms along side my youngest son, Freddie..

PJ bottoms for teens

We had another set of little twins doing the pyjama sets for girls..

Brushed cotton pyjamas for girlsfine cotton girls pyjamas

And before that it was two more girl twins (themselves daughters of a triplet) who modeled the teenage pyjamas

teenage pull on pyjamas and tee shirts

Scarlett and Ella volunteered to model the ladies' pyjama sets ..these twins are almost identical gorgeous young ladies now completing their studies at University..

ladies pyjamas

If you have adorable twins and live within striking distance of North Yorkshire who would like to model for us next year, please do get in touch via the website.  

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