Adult Nightwear

Traditional Nightwear for Adults

At The Pyjama House we design and sell a traditional range of adult nightwear.  This includes Ladies Pyjamas in a dress size 10 and generous 12, and Nightshirts (in a gentlemen’s style, but very much unisex)  in the same range of high quality cotton fabrics that we use for our children’s and teenage nightwear

White Ladies Nighties

Our adult nightwear range also includes some of the Powell Craft white cotton antique-style nightdresses that have proved endlessly popular over the past 15 years that we have been trading.  More recently added is the Pyjama House’s own nightdress in soft, stretchy Jersey.  This nightie, the Ella, comes in all dress sizes and is also white like the Powell Craft ones but a little shorter in the length and is warmer than their 100% cotton ones.

As of 2022 we are now also selling a selection of Ladies Cotton Dressing Gowns.  These are Kimono-style and fit all sizes from 8-18. They are all 100% cotton; one (the darker blue with deep pink trim) is in slightly warmer, thicker cotton than the other two so more appropriate for colder nights.

Pyjama Separates

Our PJ bottoms and mens pyjama shorts are also suitable for adults as we go up to very long lengths in the bottoms and to wider fits for the shorts for men.  The girls shorts only go up to a dress size 12 and are very low cut, so whilst good for younger and very slim women, they are more popular with teenagers.

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