Boys Pyjamas

The Pyjama House sell both flannel pyjamas and fine cotton pyjamas for children.  All nightwear is 100% cotton but the flannel or brushed cotton is much warmer than the fine cotton.

Flannel Pyjama Sets for Boys for Winter

Boys love our cosy brushed cotton pyjamas for Autumn and Winter.  These flannel pyjamas are also great if your son feels the cold or if you are planning a camping trip and need really cosy, warm pyjamas.  Our double-brushed cotton flannel pyjamas for boys come in various checks and stripes.  We have lovely red tartan pyjamas which are popular at Christmas too. They are very warm and soft, and because the thread count is much higher than the usual High Street brushed cotton, the shrinkage is minimal and they last for ages.

Cotton Pyjama Sets for Boys for Summer

In Summer we recommend that you choose our fine Egyptian cotton pyjamas which are cool and crisp to the touch.  You can find them in stripes and checks.  Boys pyjamas are of classic design with button-up jackets finished with smart piping on pocket and cuffs. Pyjama trousers have an easy fit, elasticated waistband.

We recommend you go to our teenage range if you need pyjamas for children older than 12 years.  You can find PJ bottoms up to really long lengths, tee shirts, and lovely Bermuda style pyjama shorts too.

Every year we design new fabrics in all our nightwear range.  If you’d like to sign up to our newsletter to hear about new designs when they arrive, please do get in touch.

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  • Boy pushing tractor wearing striped pyjamas

    Boys Pyjamas in Brushed Cotton Pale Blue with Red Stripe


    120 in stock

  • Freddie wearing brushed cotton spearmint blue check boys pyjamas with navy piping and buttons

    Boys Pyjamas in Brushed Cotton Mint and Navy Check


    120 in stock

  • Otto reading on the floor in green check pyjamas

    Boys Pyjamas in Brushed Cotton Green and Navy Check


    100 in stock

  • Boy, seated, in blue and white striped pyjamas with pink pinstripe in fine cotton

    Boys Pyjamas in Fine Cotton Deep Blue and Dark Pink Stripe


    99 in stock

  • Pale blue and red check fine cotton boys pyjamas

    Boys Pyjamas in Fine Cotton Pale Blue and Red Check


    65 in stock

  • turquoise check boys pyjamas

    Boys Pyjamas in Brushed Cotton Turquoise Check


    45 in stock

  • Fred lying on the floor in striped pyjamas

    Boys Pyjamas in Fine Cotton Deep Blue with Green Stripe


    20 in stock

  • Sailing Boat Short Pyjamas for Boys


    10 in stock

  • Blue gingham short pyjamas for boys

    Blue Gingham Short Pyjamas for boys


    10 in stock

  • little boy with teddy in fine Cotton Deep Blue and Red Stripe boys pyjamas

    Boys Pyjamas in Fine Cotton Deep Blue with Red Stripe


    9 in stock

  • Blue star pyjamas, 100% cotton, with long trousers and long sleeves

    Blue Star Long Sleeved Pyjamas for Boys


    9 in stock

  • Blue gingham long sleeved pyjamas for toddlers

    Blue Gingham Long Sleeved Pyjamas for Toddlers


    8 in stock

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