Teenage Nightwear

Our Teenage Nightwear range includes long PJ bottoms for older children and adults, pyjama shorts for both boys (Bermuda style) and girls (low cut boxer short style) plus tee shirts to mix and match.

PJ Bottoms for Teenagers and Adults

You can buy pyjama bottoms with a tie waist for girls or boys.  These loungers are great for camping, for working from home or for sleeping in.  They come in sizes for older children, for teenagers and for very tall adults.  We sell cotton PJ bottoms and brushed cotton ones too.

Pyjama Shorts

There are cotton or fine cotton pyjama shorts (sleep shorts) for girls.  These are low cut and have a drawsting tie that sits on the hips.  For boys we sell Bermuda style pyjama shorts with an elasticated waist and side pockets.

Tee Shirts

We sell a range of tee shirts for boys or girls in various sizes.  Increasingly we are moving to only stock the organic cotton tee shirts by Ecologie.


The fabrics are the same as those available in our children’s nightwear range and in our ladies pyjamas and nightshirts too.

There is an overlap between all categories: smaller teens will still fit into our generous age 11-12 pyjamas; slim adults will easily fit into our teenage pyjama bottoms and shorts.

We recommend you take a look at all that we offer across the teenage nightwear range before making your choice.. we don’t want you to miss out!

Popular styles (the PJ bottoms in brushed cotton in particular) are prone to running out, particularly before Christmas.  We are known for our good quality and reasonable prices so our products sell out fast. Please be sure to get your orders in early to avoid disappointment!  You can sign up to our newsletter to find out when new stock is arriving or when we have new designs available.

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