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Pyjamas for Boys

Pyjamas for Boys


To select your boys traditional cotton pyjamas, please choose your size and then select the fabric/colour that you would like.  Please note that we offer both flannel pyjamas and fine cotton pyjamas for boys.  All are 100% cotton but the flannel or brushed cotton is much warmer.

Flannel Pyjama Sets for Boys for Winter

In Autumn/Winter time, if your son feels the cold or if you are planning a camping trip and need really cosy, warm, double-brushed cotton flannel pyjamas for boys you will love our various checks and stripey pyjama sets - they are super warm and soft and because the thread count is much higher than the usual High Street brushed cotton, the shrinkage is minimal and they last for ages. 

Cotton Pyjama Sets for Boys for Summer

In Spring and Summer time, or if your children get hot at night, choose one of our fabulous pairs of striped button up pyjamas for boys in fine, Egyptian cotton.

Our traditional boys pyjama sets are from age 2 to a generous age 11-12. If you are looking for pajama bottoms with a tee shirt, we have a wide selection from age 9 up to 6'2".  See PJ Bottoms

Boys pyjamas are of classic design with button-up jackets finished with smart piping on pocket and cuffs. Pajama trousers have an easy fit, elasticated waist.

Please note: Some sizes may be unavailable if out of stock which means that we have now permanently sold out of that size in that colour.

 Washing Instructions: 40 degree wash. Do not tumble dry.

One customer sent this message to The Pyjama House having purchased several pairs of PJs for her boys "May I just say that I'm a sucker for boys PJs and mine have quite a few pairs, but yours our the best quality I have come across. They must have been washed over 100 times and they are still looking great, no piling or shrinkage at all.    Laura"

Another wrote to The Pyjama House just the other day (with apologies to John Lewis, who also sell very nice pyjamas!)

"Dear Lucy, 
I bought two pairs of age 3-4 jim jams from you at Badminton on Saturday. I just wanted to let you know that we think they are absolutely super! The quality of the cotton is far better than the jimmers my son already has from John Lewis and the sizing is more generous - and at the rate he grows, that is very welcome!
We are absolutely delighted to have stumbled across you, and we will be buying from you again. Very many thanks. Wanda L" 

Please note.. the English word "pyjama" and American "pajama" are used interchangeably throughout our website as whilst we are based in England, we sell all over the world.