National Sleep Day March 18th

by | Mar 11, 2016 | News | 0 comments

It is just amazing what you discover on Twitter.. apparently it was National Sleep Day on March 18th 2016 (and some posts would have you believe that March was National Sleep MONTH.. A little excessive perhaps?)

However if you are planning to spend a day in bed, please be sure to do it in style.. first of all make sure you are in a comfy bed.. (I like a really big one, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been married for ages!) and crisp cotton sheets are vital.  I spotted some really pretty throws and quilts at to brighten up the bedroom.  

Next you really want some pretty pyjamas or a pure cotton white nightie.  We love the fine Egyptian cotton stripes currently in stock in a size medium (dress size 12) in blue, and these pretty candy pink  stripe ladies pyjamas that arrived just this month (£32 a pair). Ladies pyjamas, The Pyjama House


Ladies Pyjamas in fine Egyptian cotton candy pink stripe, by The Pyjama House


And for the nightie lovers.. a favourite is the vintage inspired Margo nightie by Powell Craft in Cornwall with English rose embroidered detail.  We stock several of the Powell Craft nighties and they are popular with ladies and with little girls too. 

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