Sizzling Summer Sunshine and Sleep Shorts

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pale blue and pink stripe sleep shorts

I have to say that it is really tough on all those poor teenagers and school kids doing exams this week.  Not only was Half Term about 10 degrees cooler than it should have been, but now the beautiful weather this week has clashed with Common Entrance, GCSE, AS and A levels.. not to mention the last blast of University exams. I even felt sorry for my 10 year old doing school exams this week, I’m not sure I’d be very good at doing long division under timed conditions in this heat!

If your daughter was one of those toughing it out in the exam halls whilst the rest of us enjoyed the sun, why not cheer her up with a little gift.. these gorgeous cotton sleep shorts are just the thing for camping trips, glamping and summer holidays.. all the good times ahead once the exams are done and dusted!  Click here to buy shorts like these in fine Egyptian cotton – and the good news is that at just £15 they won’t break the bank!  Sizes 8-10 to a generous size 12.  Wear with a Pyjama House pale pink vest top – and just add a great pair of teenage legs to complete the look… 

Fine Cotton Sleep Shorts by The Pyjama House

And the boys shouldn’t miss out … we have got a great selection of fine cotton or brushed cotton tie-waist pj pull-ons.. perfect kit for festivals or for chilling out.  Sized from age 9-10 up to an extra long 34″ inside leg, from £15.  Click here to see the huge selection available and here to add a tee shirt top 

Fine Cotton Pyjama Bottoms by The Pyjama House


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