An Indian Summer by day, cool and chilly at night..

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PJ bottoms and sleep shorts at The Pyjama House

It’s 25C in London, and pushing 20C by midday even up here in Yorskhire.

No, this blog isn’t to announce The Pyjama House‘s new vocation as a weather girl (fun though it looks), but instead to celebrate the seasons and the fact that warm though it is during the day, the chilly evenings, nights and early mornings mean that we can now feel perfectly justified in climbing into cosy  flannel PJs at night and sporting our warm brushed cotton pyjamas at breakfast.


Such are the extreme temperature ranges of a so-called Indian summer that you’ll need to keep your sunglasses and light clothing at hand for the day time but in the evening should indulge in the super comfortable feel of soft, warm pyjamas.  Our Autumn/Winter fabrics are available in pyjamas for children, for adults and for teenagers too.. chose from shorts, pull-on PJ bottoms or the traditional full sets. And they are perfect for teens/twenty-year olds setting off this week to University too.

PJ BottomsPJ bottomssleep shortssleepshortspyjamas

Enjoy the sunshine!



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