Back to Uni with a REALLY nice pair of PJs

by | Sep 7, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Red check ladies pyjamas

The under 18’s are back to school and now it is time to think about your older ones as they drift back from a Gap year or long summer vacation and start to think about what they need at Uni this term.  Freshers Week for many starts next week or the week after so the pressure to gather up duvets, frying pans, student cook books and the rest is on.  

Very important and well up the list of must haves is a cosy, decent pair of PJs that will be comfortable to slip in but also nice enough to wear around Halls and student flats.  At The Pyjama House you can choose from a range of long pyjama bottoms (we go up to a 34″ leg for both boys and girls specially to cater for tall teens and young adults).  There are tee shirts and vest tops to match.  Personally, for girls in particular, I think there is nothing nicer than a cosy set of pyjamas with matching top and bottom.  We sell these in cotton or brushed cotton and they are a huge hit at just £38 a pair. 

Ella here pictured is wearing our seashell pattern and very gorgeous she looks too.  To shop on line for pyjama sets click here and for a huge range of PJ bottoms priced at only £20 a pair click here.  And good luck at your new University, wherever you are headed!

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