Cold House, Warm Pyjamas!

by | Oct 17, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Free 2nd Class postage continues all week at The Pyjama House.  

Many of you will be topping up on cosy brushed cotton pyjamas for your children now as half term and Halloween marks the start of roaring log fires, colder nights and darker mornings.  And it is also the start of the ongoing battle with the thermostat.. the bill payer turning it down every time he passes the dial; the person most at home during the day turning it up as soon as she sees he is out of the house and off to work!  Excuse the stereotyping…

Talking of which, I recently came across Sue Mcartney-Snape’s wonderful “Social Stereotypse” illustration!  It rather sums up the situation in my house…  But at least we have warm cosy pyjamas and don’t get cold in bed!  Whether or not the heating is on  in your home, have a look at our website and be tempted by a snuggily pair of PJs this Christmas.

Cold House, Warm Pyjamas.


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