I say Pyjamas, you say Pajamas!

by | Jun 29, 2016 | News | 0 comments

British design at The Pyjama House

As my increasing numbers of US based customers have pointed out.. we have a lot of different spellings in the UK, and one of them is the word “pyjamas” (or “pajamas” if you are in the US). And as you go through The Pyjama House website you will see that we have started to use both words interchangeably.  

Why now you ask?  Well, as our beautiful cotton pyjamas for boys, girls, teenagers and adults are now a good 10% cheaper if you are buying them in dollars or Euros, then now is the time to spread the word about our lovely products overseas. I have added a drop down currency tab on the top right hand corner of the website so that customers abroad can see just how much they are paying. Take a look here

If you have friends or family overseas who might be interested please do share this post by Facebook or Twitter.  Thank you for supporting a (small) British business!

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