Inspired by Chelsea Flower Show

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Pretty girls nighties by The Pyjama House

At The Pyjama House, which is also my home, I am lucky enough to have a lovely big garden and when I am not out selling pyjamas I am usually happily working in one or other of the flower beds.  I don’t have particularly green fingers but I enjoy being outside and pottering and I like to beleive in the Victorian adage that “you are closer to God in the garden than anywhere else in the word”

My big gardening treat every year is go to Chelsea Flower Show with my Mum.  My mother’s grandfather grew orchids for the Queen and was a long time exhibitor at Chelsea before the war. My family have, as far as I know, never missed a show. It is therefore no surprise that in amongst the signature checked and striped fabrics that I design for The Pyjama House that a floral sprig or two can usually be found.

Flower print pyjamas @thepyjamahouse

This year’s rosebuds are very traditional and Liberty’esque but work well for both little girls, teens and for adults too.  For children we sell flowery nighties, teenage pyjama shorts in floral print and PJ bottoms too.  Our rosebud pyjamas come in ages 2 to 12 and are also available for adults. Click on the links to find flower print PJs for your family .. non-flowery also available!

Flower print PJ bottoms @thepyjamahouse

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