Mud, Brave Customers, Dogs, and Pyjamas at Badminton Horse Trials 2023!

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It is some weeks since I last posted a Blog on the The Pyjama House website but we have been a bit busy!!  This blog is to point out that you don’t run a small family business and go to events unless you have a seriously robust sense of humour and are happy to cope with all weathers!!

Mud and Pyjamas at Badminton 2023

Last month, in seemingly innocuous weather, I set off to take my usual stand at Badminton Horse Trials.  I have done this show about 10 times and have always stayed dry – cold and dry or hot and dry, the weather issue more often that not is the dust.  NOT this time…

This year it was dry and warm on set up day, so no problems there.  Thursday was fine too and sales were great, but on Friday it rained, and when I say rain.. it poured.  The grass outside the tent turned to chocolate.. about 10 inches deep of thick, gloopy mud.  I sell white nighties, pale pastel pyjamas, etc.  The customers usually come in wellies and have dogs.. the result was a challenge to say the least.  On top of this it was Coronation Day so the Saturday cross country competition happened on the Sunday and the jumping on the Monday.  By Monday we were in a “Glastonbury” type situation.. not a blade of green grass left anywhere and cars, caravans, horse boxes all being towed out of the showground.  Sheer flipping hell, to be honest, but still my hardy customers turned up and bought pyjamas.. some of them grabbing a bargain by taking the muddiest of the display pairs away at half price.

On Monday I packed up in pouring rain, but had managed to grab a pair of Joules Wellies for £20 so survived, just.  My drive back to Yorkshire was infact really easy but I have to say that my clothing didn’t dry until well north of Birmingham.. Wow, was I pleased to get home and into a hot bath!!

And, of course it was gloriously sunny the next day.. perfect for a good wash of everything before setting off for Chelsea Old Town Hall and the – fortunately “Mud Free” –By Beautiful Brands sale.

See you again next year at Badminton.. but please let it be dry!

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