Summer Holiday fun

by | Aug 11, 2016 | News | 0 comments

deep blue and green stripe fine cotton pj bottoms for teens

The Pyjama House team set off for a week in Croatia earlier this summer and lapped up 30 degree heat and glorious sunshine, blue skies and even bluer sea for a week.  We stayed in a villa (see pictured) and I am glad to say the “Pool Man” did his chores (age 10) every morning in a fetching pair of PJ Bottoms

The only downside of our holiday.. we missed the one hot week of the British Summer so far (apparently the temperatures rose to a staggering 34 degrees in Yorkshire.. but I can’t vouch for that as I missed it!

Next week we have one more week away, this time in Northumberland so will be packing the full cosy brushed cotton pyjamas and the wellies and leaving the fine Egyptian cotton PJs and flip flops at home.  Lets hope the sun shines!

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