What you and your family wear on cold winter’s nights such as we have been having recently can really affect how well you sleep .. and as we all know, a good night’s sleep is important for our energy levels, for our mental health and even can affect our weight.

The temptation is to crank up the central heating but it has been proven that cooler bedroom temperatures promote a good night’s sleep.  So how do we stay warm in a cooler bedroom?  The answer lies in wearing cosy natural fabrics and cotton is perfect as it is breathable.  At The Pyjama House we make sure our winter pyjama fabrics are “double-brushed”.. that is to say that both sides of the fabric are combed to fluff up the weave.  Double brushed cotton feels quite thick and is therefore warm to the touch, but it is only cotton so it is not heave and it retains it’s breathability.. if you get too hot your body can sweat and the cotton will absorb the sweat.  Polyester, polycotton and all those “stretchy” fabrics don’t do this.

All nightwear designed at The Pyjama House are made from the softest, most comfortable, 100% cotton that you will have ever come across.  Bedtime Heaven!

So go on, why don’t you try out our pyjamas or try your children in them this winter?  Combined with the other golden rules of a good night’s sleep – taking a warm bath before you go to bed, having a good mattress, turning off your mobile phone, not over eating (or drinking!) before bedtime, making sure it is properly dark, etc – a comfy, loose fitting pair of double brushed cotton Pyjama House pyjamas can really benefit your sleep routine.   And better still, your children will sleep well in our pyjamas too, which in turn gives you a better night’s rest.

And I think you will agree, they look pretty good as well, so no need to compromise on style!