What to wear to school on World Book Day (7th March 2019)

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pyjamas for world book day

Thursday 7 March 2019 is World Book Day and mums across the UK will either  be smug in that they are all sorted for the dressing up “thing” tomorrow or be in a state of last minute panic!  If you fall into the latter category.. panic not!  For here are some simple solutions, book titles attached.. to solve the immediate problem.  The Pyjama House guide to easy World Book Day costumes!

Book characters that wear pyjamas


Click HereTo see more Pyjamas and Nighties from The Pyjama House 

The obvious suggestion from our point of view .. just let them wear their PJs and have a very easy bed-to-school transition into the bargain! 

Repurposed fancy dress costumes

Why not try re-using something from another fancy dress party, or last year’s Halloween costume? 

Book characters that wear a fairy or winged costume

Almost every little girl I know has a set of fairy wings in her cupboard so out they come again.. this time with a favourite party dress or ballet kit, or.. yes, you guessed it .. their nightie again!

Finally a real cop out but perfectly acceptable.. ome book characters look just like your average child. Simply add appropriate accessories to these “costumes” for a fuss-free World Book Day morning.

Whatever they wear.. have a great World Book Day.  And enjoy your bedtime reading with little ones both tonight and every night!


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