Why we love Burghley Horse Trials!!

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The Pyjama House at Burghley

I’m still unpacking after a wonderful week at Burghley Horse Trials, selling my PJs at a great rate in the Burghley Lifestyle Pavillion (next to the Celebrity Talk Area and big screen).                                                          There was GREAT excitement when Clare Balding popped onto my stand to discuss the heavenly comfort of wearing a brushed cotton flannel nightshirt in bed.. She is clearly a big fan.  Sadly I was to embarrassed to ask for a photo.. sorry! Clare if you are watching .. let me know what size you fancy.. small will fit you easily but go for medium if you want one all the way down to your toes!                                                                         As Zoe, pictured left, demonstrates.. they make rather fun presents for Christmas!  I am afraid the nightcap is not included….                                                                  That’s it for the horse shows and 3 day events this year.  We will be back at Badminton in May.  Next up is a massive round of Christmas Fairs and Spirit of Christmas.  Find a full list of where we can be found here





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