pink gingham nightie front

Pink Gingham Short Sleeved Cotton Nightdress


Adorable pink gingham soft cotton nightdress, with short sleeves and a pretty frill on the neck and cuff. Perfect for Spring or Summer but can be worn all year round. 100% cotton.

We have just a handful of these adorable short sleeved pink ginham cotton nightdresses made originally by Sleepycozy in Somerset, a brand that I have recently purchased such that we can add baby and toddler nightwear to our range.  Together with a large number of baby nighties and rompers for ages 3-6 to 12-18 months, there are a selection of short and long sleeved children’s pyjamas in various sizes and adorable fabrics which sit well with our own brand, The Pyjama House, that goes up to adult from a generous age 2-3.  There are also a very few totally lovely nighties with long and short sleeves, but not in all sizes.

The Sleepycozy brand is an excellent fit with The Pyjama House as their products are also 100% cotton and the designs, like ours, are quintessentially English and very traditional.

This pretty pink gingham  is also available, again in limited quantities, as short pyjamas and long sleeved pyjamas, too.

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