Cool Cotton Pyjamas and Nighties for a Heatwave!

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Fergus in deep blue and green stripe PJ bottoms and Imo in Pale pink PJ bottoms at breakfast in Croatia

How can I keep cool at night in a Heatwave?

With temperatures set to climb to 30 degrees this weekend, The Pyjama House offers advice on what to wear on hot sultry nights.  The answer, you might think, is nothing at all, but actually by dressing in a cool cotton fabric which absorbs any sweat you will experience a more comfortable night’s sleep.

For children (and it is very important that they sleep because that is half the battle for you having a good night’s rest..) we offer very pretty, loose, cotton white nighties made by Powell Craft in Cornwall.  These are also available in women’s sizes and are extremely popular.

Powell craft child's white cotton nightie with puffed sleeves and frilled hem

For boys and for girls too we also have a good range of 100% cotton pyjama sets.  Choose the “fine cotton” options, not the brushed cotton which are more suitable for winter weather and colder nights.

Boy, seated, in blue and white striped pyjamas with pink pinstripe in fine cotton

Our biggest sellers by far though are the superb range of cotton pull on PJ bottoms and the Bermuda style shorts for teenage boys/adults  and low cut sleep shorts that we do for teen girls and women.

Close up of navy tie on deep blue PJ bottomsPale blue and red check boys pyjama shorts

pale blue and pink stripe sleep shorts

Great for UK heatwaves and of course for holidays too!

We’re off to Northumberland next week and will doubtless be on the beach in our PJs early in the morning taking the dog for a run or late in the evening having a BBQ!  Wherever you decide to holiday I hope you have a wonderful time .. don’t forget to send us your photos!

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