New Year’s Resolutions.. wear warmer pyjamas in winter and turn down the heating!

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Pink stripe pyjamas for girls

New Year’s (belated!) Resolutions!

Its a New Year and I am slowly running through my own list of 2022 Resolutions!  I have so far switched the Aga at The Pyjama House (which is also my home) from oil to Electric and after lots of research, we are installing some ground mounted solar panels to enable us to offset the rising costs of electricity by harnessing the natural energy of the sun.  This is expensive as all the feed in tariffs have now been discontinued but the payback still makes sense just about and the good thing is we are slowly but surely getting away from fossil fuel use for both our domestic needs and that of the business. I’m now feeling temporarily broke but glad to be doing my bit for the planet and it is a step towards getting completely off grid too.

A gas company recently got into trouble for suggesting their customers jump up and down doing star jumps if they are cold.. but I can’t help rather agreeing with the sentiment.  I always sleep so badly if we are staying away with friends and the heating is on at night.  It is so much healthier and more comfortable to sleep in a cool room.  And there is no reason to actually be cold .. duvet togs are so advanced now and if you choose natural fibres (cotton is ideal) to sleep in then you will never be too hot or too cold.

The Pyjama House recommends our gorgeous double brushed cotton pyjamas for you and for your children in winter.  In summer you will be comfortable but cool in our fine cotton options. Examples of brushed cotton and fine cotton PJs for adults are shown below;  the options for children and teenagers are even greater.  Despite spiralling costs we have managed to hold our prices at a very reasonable level for the start of this year.. so go on, invest in the right pyjamas for the weather and save a bit on your heating today!

pink and navy check pyjamas for women in 100% brushed cotton flannel

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