Turn off the Central Heating at Night and save ££

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Cosy pyjamas help reduce heating bills

Turn off your heating at night and save money (and the planet)

I have for health reasons always been an advocate of not having hot bedrooms at night and now that there is a very real energy and climate crisis it seems the ideal time to do a blog on the subject!  The simple solution.. wear proper pyjamas made of natural fabric such as cotton (brushed cotton is very cosy) and turn the heating off at night.  You will be as warm as toast whatever the weather.

The Pyjama House is run from my old farmhouse in North Yorkshire and so as a family we are no stranger to cold weather and Arctic winters.  We have log fires and an aga (now thankfully powered in the most part by ground mounted solar panels) and that way we can run the very expensive oil-fired central heating at a minimum.  A quick blast in the morning and the evening is all we need.  Otherwise the thermostat is OFF.  It saves a fortune, we feel much healthier and rarely or ever catch a cold, and we are doing our bit for the planet as well.

We all wear proper, button up, cosy pyjamas in the winter months (and the duvet is a decent tog too).  In the spring and autumn I love the viscose Jersey Ella white nighties which are always warm to wear but never get too hot (Viscose is a natural fabric too.. it is a plant like cotton)

jersey stretch Ella white nightie

See our lovely nightwear range for Children and for Adults and Teenagers

Boy in truquoise check pyjamasbrushed cotton ladies pyjamas in pink and navy check

Other sustainability tips..

  1.  When cooking get all the ingredients out of the fridge ahead of time.. that way you only cook from room temperature not from chilled
  2. Turn off lights as a habit and whenever you replace a bulb make sure it is LED
  3. Don’t leave the TV and other gadgets on standby
  4. Do a monthly big shop in the car then shop local on your bike for the little bits and bobs
  5. Work from home a couple of days a week and save the drive to the office.. but dress weather appropriate.. why is everyone on zoom calls always in a tee shirt!
  6. Car share or take public transport wherever possible
  7. Offset your carbon footprint when you go on holiday – we use Terraneutra.com
  8. Plant you own veg and flowers.  Shop flowers and much of our supermarket veg comes miles and miles.. save the planet and your pocket by growing your own.
  9. Don’t buy firelighters .. dried satsuma peel works just as well
  10. Use refil companies where possible and avoid plastic packaging if you can.
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