Top Tips for Photographing Children.. in their Pyjamas!

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The Pyjama House has just held it’s 8th annual photo shoot featuring a selection of new childrens pyjamas and teenage lounge pants for Summer and Winter 2016.  Although it is relatively low budget affair (no trip to the Bahamas or other exotic locations, sadly!) I think we do a pretty good job.

The first tip is that I use friends’ children.  That way the kids know me and don’t feel too overwhelmed.  The “payback” is that they get a free pair of PJs.. it seems to work as we now have a waiting list, particularly of girls, wanting to model pyjamas for us next year.  Also the children usually know each other which makes for great group shots.  In the photo below these 10 year old boys all dressed up in their PJ bottoms and tee shirts are all in the same class at prep school.

PJ bottoms and tee shirts fro teenagers, The Pyjama house


The second tip is that I use my pretty if somewhat rundown farmhouse in Yorkshire. The downside is that the children running around outside in girls and boys pyjamas get pretty chilly (Yorkshire in April is not that warm!) but the upside is that the backdrop of old stone and blossom.  Serena and Fenella had to hug each other to keep warm in their pretty candy stripe fine Egyptian cotton summer girls pyjamas.

Fine Egyptian Cotton Pink Candy Stripe Girls Pyjamas, at The Pyjama House


And finally, we take family shots all together.. I think this photo of all the brothers in matching red check brushed cotton boys pyjamas might be appearing in someone’s Christmas card later this year!

Red check brushed cotton flannel boys pyjamas, sizes 2-3 to 11-12, by The Pyjama House

For more photos and information about the new selection of pyjamas and other nightwear for children, adults and teenagers, visit our website:


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