How to beat the snowy weather.. tips from The Pyjama House

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As The Pyjama House is based near the North Yorkshire coast, we are pretty well aware of the “Beast from the East” which is sending snow and freezing cold winds straight across the North Sea directly from Siberia!  But, despite living in an old farmhouse, we’re pretty adept at keeping warm and so here are a few tips:

Breakfast.. porridge every time when the weather is cold.   I add berries, banana or dried fruit for extra vitamin C.

Keep Moving Today was so bad on the roads that I walked all your Pyjama House pyjama orders to the Post Office.. great exercise, low emission and the dog loved it!

Make your office the warmest room in the house  I am a “mumpreneur”.  I work in the kitchen, close to the aga .  And I drink plenty of hot drinks all day long.. ginger tea, hot water and lemon, and if I really need some energy, hot Ribena!

Soups for lunch.  Today’s soup was completely made up! I added plenty of garlic and turmeric to lentils, left over veg, pheasant stock and a can of chopped tomatoes. Low calorie, high fibre, deliciously filling and it eally warmed me up.

Hot baths in the evening.  I love a bath and rarely shower unless it is properly warm and sunny. I have recently started doing a 30 minute Yoga session after my bath before going down to prepare supper.. that really warms the muscles!

Log fires.  When the weather is as extreme as it is as the moment, I keep the log burner going 24/7 with a few large logs.. I lit our fire on Sunday evening and it hasn’t been out since.  We whizz it up a bit in the evening, but keep it just ticking over all night and during the day by using the remains of an ancient apple tree that blew over earlier this winter. Hauling in logs each day keeps you fit and warm and saves having the heating on full blast.

Warm clothes.  I couldn’t obviously write this without mentioning clothing.  I wear lots of layers during the day and own my fair share of cashmere too (all quite bobbly by this stage of the season!)

At night there is nothing worse than being kept awake from being cold, but nothing more unhealthy than an overheated bedroom.  Turn off your heating at night and put on a properly warm pair of pyjamas – you will save electricity and sleep really well too.

All our pyjamas at The Pyjjama House are made of 100% cotton and our winter ones in super soft brushed cotton are perfect for this weather.  Natural fibres are so much warmer than synthetics.  Our brushed cotton floral PJs for Mums and Daughters guarantee a totally cosy night’s sleep.  And boys love the checked brushed cotton fabrics on offer too. 

Good luck and stay cosy!  

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